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  • How to deal with leakage of computer spring machine
    Many computer spring machinery manufacturers have encountered leakage, how to deal with this situation? Now with Yonglian Spring Machinery Co., Ltd. to see.

    Most of the computer spring machine voltage is 60 VOLTS below, 60 VOLTS above are abnormal, need to be properly handled.

    1. Connect the machine to the household iron pipe with an ordinary wire. If the power supply has a grounding wire, connect the machine to the ground wire. Insert an iron bar into the ground about one meter deep, and then connect the machine with the wire. If the voltage is 200 volts to 220 volts, it means that the wiring of the machine is damaged. First look at each fan wiring is broken, and then check the machine to the controller corner of the wire is broken. If not, check with exclusion.

    2. If the voltage measurement value is above 60 VOLTS and below 150 volts and power tripping occurs, then there may be a series of power, especially the small 8 machine has a higher probability of occurrence. It is suggested that the spring machine be connected to the ordinary household electricity.