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  • Buy spring machine carefully, choose spring machine 6 skills
    The huge demand market for spring strongly stimulates the rapid development of spring processing and spring machine manufacturing industry. Now, there are too many spring machine manufacturers on the market, the strength of thousands of different brands of fish and Dragons mixed, produced by the quality of spring machine is also very different, to buy spring machine users bring difficulties. Today, Yonglian CNC and you share six tips for buying spring machines, hoping to help you buy the right machine.

    1, choose spring machines according to their own product needs.

    For example, if you need to do pull springs, torsion springs, clip springs and special-shaped springs, then you have to use the choice of numerical control universal spring machine (commonly known as computer or eight-claw spring machine); if it is to do compression springs, then you have to choose the use of computer spring press; if it is to do line molding products, then you have to choose a camless spring machine or Line forming machine. In addition, mechanical spring press can be chosen to do the products with low requirements, and simple torsion spring products can choose mechanical spring press to do.

    Spring machine equipment

    2, choose spring machines according to their own development orientation.

    For example, in the initial stage, you can choose some mechanical simple spring machine equipment or low-end brand of CNC spring machine products; in the development stage, you can consider the gradual use of high-end precision spring machine equipment, such as pioneering. For processing different spring products, we can choose spring machine equipment according to our own conditions, so as to maximize the utilization of their own machine.

    3, choose spring machinery manufacturers with scale strength.

    Generally speaking, the scale strength of the manufacturer is to achieve their own brand quality assurance, therefore, we have to choose a scale strength of the manufacturer to cooperate. In the current market, the competition between the brand of spring machine is very fierce, the homogeneity phenomenon (imitation) between products is becoming more and more obvious, but each brand has its own characteristics, so we must consider the scale strength of the manufacturer when choosing spring machine equipment, such as technical strength, production strength and research and development capacity.

    4, choose a brand with good market share and good reputation.

    Generally speaking, a brand of spring machine equipment successfully launched to the market and widely recognized by users, must pass through the market inspection process of about five years to achieve, otherwise the quality of the machine is not assessable. If your friends or peers around you have a choice of a brand (e.g. a start-up), then the quality of the brand's spring machine is still good; at the same time, you can also ask them about the use of experience, such as quality feedback and manufacturer's reputation.

    Five axis spring machine

    5, choose the manufacturer with perfect after-sales service to cooperate.

    The consummation degree of after-sales service not only reflects the value of the manufacturer's brand, but also reflects the strength level of the manufacturer. At present, the majority of spring machine manufacturers in the market are difficult to ensure timely after-sales service in place, which to a large extent will affect the production schedule of users, resulting in loss of orders. In addition, after-sales service is the added value of the product itself, which requires manufacturers to invest a large number of human and material resources to ensure.

    6. Test the feasibility of spring machine by sample.

    Generally speaking, the more cautious investors, will require the spring machine manufacturer samples in advance, even if it is paid proofing, you can use thousands of yuan of investment to test the stability and feasibility of spring machine equipment production, this approach is more secure. If the machine is 100% sure to complete, of course, there is no need for the sample; if not, then a sample process is needed, you can feel the speed and stability of the machine production on the spot. If you really want to buy the machine, you can talk about the price and payment method, and then pay a little sample deposit, which not only reflects your sincerity, but also reduces the risk of importing equipment.

    The above is Yonglian NC finishing of the purchase of spring machine some skills, I do not know whether it is useful to everyone? In fact, how users choose spring machine, the right to buy is in their hands. It is suggested that users do not necessarily choose the most expensive or the cheapest spring machine in the process of purchasing it, but they will certainly choose the suitable spring machine equipment for themselves.