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  • Note: how does the computer spring machine work normally?
    Computer spring machine is an organic combination of computer control system and forming part of spring machine. It can drive the operation of mechanical part through the computer end which carries information instructions to achieve synchronous operation and asynchronous execution track. Computer spring machine will not be unfamiliar to everyone, then, how to ensure the daily efficient operation of computer spring machine?

    (1) operate in strict accordance with the instructions and instructions. Computer spring machine must be tested and debugged before leaving factory. Users must check and debug the fasteners to be adjusted before using the machine, so as to avoid the phenomenon of collision caused by loosening, falling or shifting in the production process, resulting in damage to the mechanical parts of the spring machine.

    (2) release the feed wheel as long as possible under the condition of long-term shutdown. Because the spring feeder under long-term pressure, will lead to bearing damage or slight deformation of the feeder, resulting in late start-up use will cause unstable feeder accuracy. In addition, if the belt line is compressed too long, it may cause the diameter of the line to deform, and the next time it is used, it will cause the phenomenon of stranding or mandrel plugging, which will affect the precision of the fastener.

    Technical masters should try to supervise the debugging process of technicians. When the apprenticeship is tuning, the master should try to be on the spot to reduce or avoid unnecessary accidents. In addition, after the apprenticeship debugged the product, the teacher must check it.

    During the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to touch the working panel of the spring machine. In the course of operation, we are forbidden to touch the spring machine panel by hand, in order to avoid the damage caused by the operation of the machine components.

    Control the direction of falling products. The free fall of spring machine products must be well controlled, otherwise it will jam the knife base and other components, causing unnecessary collision or collision.

    When the product is trimmed, it must be shut down. In the daily work of numerical control spring machine, if the product is found to be abnormal, must stop operation before adjusting and correcting, to avoid accidents.

    When the computer spring machine is out of order, please check with the professional personnel. When the spring machine is damaged or malfunctioned, it should be checked and corrected by experienced or professional personnel; when it is repaired, it should be repaired by relevant professional personnel. No professional technicians are allowed to disassemble without authorization, so as to avoid two times of damage.

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