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  • YLSK-35


    YLSK-35 computer universal spring pressure machine adopts Taiwan computer control and Japanese imported servo motor,with high-speed,high-precision and fast facilitate.
    Divided into camshaft, mandrel axis, feeder axis and winding shaft(optional) , four axis synchronous operation.
    There are eight slide seats, curved arms and cam rotating shafts in the cam parts, the cam plate is fixed on the rotation axis and can be adjusted before and after the adjustment and used to promote the movement of the slider, there are three way of mechanical movement: extrusion, stamping, and molding.
    Wire feeding system is horizontally arrange in the back of the machine, a total of 3 group tungsten steel wire wheel sent to the spool, every two constitutes of one group, only two pair of tungsten steel wire wheel is installed as below 2.5, and three pair of tungsten steel wire wheel are available for more than 1.0mm. Features: Wear noise, cam shaft, high synchronization accuracy.
    Rotating core axis can be positive and negative. The coiling device is mounted on slide, and can realize the positive and negative rotation of the multi ring.
    The position of each axis, the length of cable, the speed of production, the quantity of production are all displayed on the screen. Online programming and debugging is convenient.
    This machine can manufacture various types of compression springs, tension spring, torsion spring, tower shaped spring, flat spring and other special shaped spring. Can be used in lighting, electrics, toys, home appliances, sports equipment, automotive and other industries required precision spring.




    Machining wire diameter (mm)


    Instruction value of wire feed


    Instruction value of cam


    Servo motor of wire feed (kw)


    Servo motor of cam (kw)


    Servo motor of zaxis servo (kw)


    Machine size(mm)


    Weight (kg)



    380V 3P